Netflix all but created streaming as we know it and now the choices for subscription TV are endless with more and more companies realizing that cable TV's days are numbered. Apple is finally entering the fray with their new Apple TV Plus service which launches in November, the same month as Disney's new Disney+ service.

The big surprise here is that normally you'd expect Apple to try and drain your pockets like it does with everything else, but this service is only going to launch at a paltry $5/mo! Each service also has that one popular show that only they offer to draw you to their service and thankfully at these prices, we can still afford to subsrcibe to multiples. The 'Big Three', Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are only $30/mo. combined which is FAR less than your typical cable bill and YOU'RE in more control of your programming. But, it likely won't be long until the prices for these services rise more and more and with everything we'll be subscribed to by then, we'll probably be paying more than we would with cable alone.

It's clear: Streaming is here to stay!


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