We aren't even halfway through September and already Amazon is talking about shipping live full-size Christmas trees to your home. The company will start selling and shipping full-size trees in November. According to CBS Philly, they say a 7-foot fir tree will cost you about $115 if you go through Amazon. CBS Philly also said that last year Amazon shipped trees shorter than 3-feet tall.

Every year at our house we put up three Christmas trees. We have an old artificial tree in the bar in the basement, a 3-foot artificial tree that sits in the window in the den, and we get a live tree every year for the living room. A lot of times we will go out and cut down our own tree if we have time because it put you in the holiday spirit. If we don't have time to cut down our own, we will stop by one of the roadside Christmas tree stands or even just grab one at Home Depot.

I remember last year when Chris and I went to one of the tree farms in Endwell to cut down our tree, it was a warm day so it wasn't too bad. In the past, I've been laying in the snow, in 0-degree temperatures. trying to cut down that Year's tree. That wasn't as much fun.

I don't want to think about Christmas until at least Thanksgiving. Then the following week, I will worry about when and where I will get my tree.

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