Not only did a woman buy lunch for a diner full of people but she asked her name to be withheld, to remain completely anonymous. Can you imagine being such a humble and generous person and doing something so beautiful without drawing attention to yourself?

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A kind act is a kind act, but not every good deed needs to be publicized because a lot of times the publicity backfires and makes the person doling out kindness come across as attention-seeking, and in turn, it waters down the good that they've done.

I imagine this is exactly what one woman was thinking when she decided to pay the lunch bills for every single person enjoying a meal at a Pennsylvania diner. Hegins, Pennsylvania is located just an hour outside of Wilkes-Barre and a whole diner full of people got the surprise of their lives on Monday afternoon.

Everyone knows that diners are always bustling, but on Monday during lunchtime, it was jam-packed. Lorrie Renninger explained to WNEP that she waited on a woman and when it was time for the woman to pay her bill, she approached the counter and then shocked Renninger by telling her that she not only wanted to pay for her meal but that she wanted to cover every other person's lunch bill. Not only that, she wanted to do so without any attention or fanfare. She wanted to do this kind gesture completely anonymously.

The total to pay for the lunch crowd came to around $350.00 and the woman also tipped both of the servers who were working a total of $100.

What a beautiful show of kindness to total strangers and how lovely that this selfless woman did so completely anonymously.

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