$750 Plane Ticket Act of Kindness
This woman is the picture of what I believe in. Positivity and love. Fast forward to the airport... a guy and his daughter are checking in for his flight when the attendant asked how old his daughter was. He said she had recently turned two...
Police Turn A Ticket Into A Miracle[WATCH]
You know I love it when people help other people and love strangers. This single Mom was in bad shape until the police turn a ticket into a miracle for her!
Her name is Naomi Norelli, This mom's story is heartbreaking. She was pregnant with child number 2 when she was diagnosed with cancer.…
Parenting Kindness
One mom found herself in a situation that all parents can relate to, but instead of freaking out, she found a way to turn it into something positive.
Police Kindness
This is just one example of the many good things police officers do for people that isn't shared the way it should be.
Light in the Darkness
When someone hurts our feelings by not giving us their time, we can lash out and shut them out, or we can keep a positive attitude and be the bigger person.
Love Mobs
Reverend Christopher Michael Jones and his congregation have created 'love mobs,' to financially support small, locally owned businesses in their community.