Having a Christmas get together with family or your best girlfriends, but don’t want it to be the same old same?  You know the kind.  You set out a few trays of fruit and cheese and have a few bottles of wine on hand and your family and friends just stand around looking bored, but trying politely to look like they’re having a good time. You don’t want to be that person do you?

I highly suggest trying what I started in my family a couple years ago. I picked up the biggest over sized sweatshirts I could find in the loudest shade of pink I could find and decorated them in the most hideous way imaginable. Then I wrapped them up for my sisters and tried not to giggle until gift giving time arrived.

When my sisters opened their packages, they recoiled in disgust. But as they looked closer, they saw that I'd included little things about them on their shirt.  And then they started to laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. They had to put their shirt on over their clothes right away.

Last Christmas, I expanded the ugly sweat shirts to include my sisters-in-law Ashley and Meghan. The pink shirts are just for the sisters, but I went out of my way to find the most deliciously awful Christmas outfits for Ashley and Meghan.

This year I'll be spreading the ugly shirt trend to my nieces.  I even found an ugly Christmas sweater bib for my niece who's just a few months old!