There's a pretty big age gap between me and my sisters. Beth is 8 years younger, and Sarah is 22 years younger.  The older we get, the closer we get, but for several years we didn’t really have that "normal" sister relationship because of the age gap, so I went searching for something we could all do for Christmas that would bring us together.

And then a lightbulb went off. I thought of something my sisters could wear every  Christmas the rest of our lives, no matter where in the world we may be.

Ugly Christmas sweaters have been all the rage for the past several years, but I decided to step it up- matching, yet personalized ugly Christmas sweatshirts.

I definitely wasn’t sure how well my idea would go over with my sisters, but it was a hit and now other family members want in on our ugly sweatshirt club, but we’re keeping this to ourselves. This is for the sisters only and it's been that way since 2011 when I gifted Beth and Sarah with their sweatshirts.

When making our ugly Christmas sweatshirts, I tried to find the biggest sweatshirts possible. My thinking behind that was that no matter what our weight loss, gain, or pregnancies, we'd be able to wear our sweatshirts.  I also went with bright pink to be a little different than the traditional Christmas red or green.

After finding the perfect sweatshirts, I hit up the dollar store for fabric glue and anything that looked ridiculous and was Christmas related.  Oh, and puffy paint- I bought lots of that and you'll also want to if you plan to make ugly Christmas sweatshirts.

My sisters and I weren't able to be together the last two Christmases, but that didn't stop us from putting on our ugly sweatshirts. We wore them proudly, snapping photos and sending them to each other.

Check out the sister's ugly sweatshirt making process in the gallery below and if you decide to make your own special ugly Christmas sweatshirts, I'd love to see photos and know how it went over. Remember- the uglier, the better!

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