Jay Franiak
Jay Franiak

I love a good ugly Christmas sweater. I love the festive atmosphere that comes with them. I even love when people go out of their way to make, arts and crafts style, their own sweater. That being said the novelty is starting to wear.

Around my sophomore and junior year of college (2010) is when the ugly Christmas sweater starting becoming a big deal. We would all pile into someone’s car, usually the one with the most gas, and begin our sweater crawl. We would hit up local thrift shops, second hand shops, maybe even the big box stores. The hunt and the trying on of these sweaters was the fun part.

Racks upon racks of t-shirts and coats stood between us and finding the perfect wear for the holiday weekend. We could spend hours searching for that sweater, and when we found it, it was glorious.

The hunt and the chase were what we craved. When you found that perfect sweater with a polar bear playing with Christmas ornament, you knew you would be the best looking at the party.

Digging through grandma’s closet looking for her old sweaters was another option. She always had a glittered sweater from back in the day. The hunt and chase were amazing.

Now we can simply walk into a store and buy a mass-produced ugly sweater or shirt. Gone are the days of searching for hours for the garment that is just right. We can even order custom ugly Christmas sweaters online!

This is why I bought a onesie, dare to be different.


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