When you walk through the doors of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital you are immediately overcome with joy. In the days leading up to your visit you continually hear “When you have your St. Jude moment, you will know.” It never really hit me until I first stepped into a hospital, that didn’t feel like a hospital.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a place of hope. It’s a place of inspiration. It’s a place of faith. This “hospital” is saving the lives of kids daily. It is helping the fight against childhood cancer.

Bright colors line the hallways, murals in children’s rooms, doctors wearing differently designed scrubs. The doom and gloom we associate with a hospital is nonexistent.

I have never seen a hospital with a dream wall, let alone three! A dream wall is a giant 40 foot wall that lets everyone interact with its video screen. The first floor is a giant wall with sea turtles, fish, and scuba divers. Children can learn about everything under the sea. The second floor lets children explore the African Sahara. Children can go on their own safari while they are being treated. The third floor shoots you into outer space! Children can explore the galaxy alongside their astronaut friend!

The hope, the faith, and the inspiration are made possibly by you, our Hawk listeners. These children are living a life as normal as possible because of you. They never see a bill, because of you.

That’s why we need you help! Donate online right now here. If you become a Partner in Hope today you also get an amazing t-shirt that all your favorite country stars are wearing!


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