The world is crazy and full of bad news on a daily basis.  I don't understand why these 24/7 news channels keep repeating the same news hour after hour and think we want to hear about wacky politicians who don't have our backs anyway.

On my search for unusual and true news stories, I'm thinking about starting my own news network, focusing on everyday peeps that are fun and a little bit crazy at the same time.  So now I present the pilot for FUN and Unusual News:

    • How does an 86-year old British woman knock out a would be intruder in her house?  By "repeatedly hitting the offender over the head with a packet of bacon."  And we all know how expensive bacon is these days.
    • CNN and FOX may have missed it but there could be another candidate for President.  The Cat in the Hat announced his candidacy outside of Boston (Springfield Mass. is where Dr. Seuss was born) and promises to release his tax returns, clean up the oceans by working with both the Red Fish and Blue Fish and appoint Sam I Am to look into the hunger issue in this country.
    • This story is from India where they found "milk" produced by the Pacific beetle cockroach is 4 X more nutritional than cow's milk.  Would you ever consider taking this for the health of it?
    • A freight train in Iowa derails from its' tracks and lands on a tavern called "DeRailed." Luckily, no one was injured.
    • As if Florida is not crazy enough, a tourist visiting Sea World was taking a picture with her iPad and was shocked when the dolphin snatched it from her hands.  I'm hoping she had Apple Care.

So what do you think?  Would you like to read more crazy but true stories?  Leave your feedback or drop me an e-mail if you do.  Thanks for reading!
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