There is a bizarre rumor on social media that Kraft will pay you $20 to not make cheesecake during the 2021 Christmas season. Is this true? We reached out to the Kraft production plant in Upstate New York for answers.

The Kraft Heinz plant in Lowville, New York, makes dairy products that include the famous Philadelphia-brand cream cheese. Who better to answer these rumors than the factory that makes an essential ingredient to any cheesecake.

Erika Berg Henty of Kraft was speedy with her response to our question- Is Kraft really paying people $20 to not make cheesecake this year? Also, does the money come from our plant here in Upstate New York?

The $20 does not come from any production / capacity budgets."


So where does it come from?

If you buy any dessert this holiday season (cookies, brownies, cupcakes), Philadelphia will reimburse the cost to replace your homemade cheesecake up to $20.

Visit to reserve one of the limited spots starting 12/17 at 9amET.

According to Google trends, cheesecake is America’s favorite holiday dessert and for the last 150 years Philadelphia Cream Cheese has been a major part in holiday gatherings. So why are they offering to pay you like this?

Unprecedented demand has left cream cheese shelves in grocery stores noticeably empty as people continue to use cream cheese as an ingredient in easy desserts & recipes, and at breakfast time. Philadelphia wants to spread the feeling this season and make sure you have the pleasure of dessert on your holiday table.



Here's what Erika told us to do:

1) RESERVE: Starting on 12/17 and 12/18 at 12PM each day, be one of the first to reserve your spot to claim a limited dessert reservation.

2) BUY: Once your dessert reservation is confirmed with a unique one-time use link that is sent to you (do not share), buy any dessert with dated receipt between 12/17 – 12/24

3) REDEEM: Starting on 12/28 at 9am EST through 11:59pm EST on 1/4/22, use your unique link to submit your dessert receipt for your chance to receive a $20 digital reward.

You can read more online here.

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