The Hawk Cash Cow makes her debut Monday May 2nd on 98.1 The Hawk.  When you hear the sound Hawk Cash Cow -- you'll know it when you hear it, the 25th nationwide caller at 1-877-854-WINS (9467) will win $1000 just like that.  Keep that phone number handy as the Hawk Cash Cow giveaway will happen twice each weekday in May, with the exception being Memorial Day (May 30th).

The Hawk gives you a chance to win a bonus $10,000 at all month long.  Register to win under 'Win Stuff' and that's also where you will find the official Hawk Cash Cow Rules.  You can enter to win that bonus 19 Grand right now at under Win Stuff.  

Just think, it's a brand new month and we're giving two opportunities each weekday to win $1000 cash when you listen to 98.1 The Hawk AND a bonus 10 Grand at  What would you do with that cash?

Here's what listeners around downtown Binghamton had to say when I asked that question:

  1. Go on a Vacation.  Taking a cruise and going to Disney World and Universal Studios were the most popular answers.
  2. Pay Your Bills.  Hey, we all have them!  Winning that cash could certainly DEstress your life a little bit.
  3. Shopping Spree.  Another popular answer was going on a shopping expedition and seeking out everything from electronics to new yard furniture.
  4. Home Improvement.  More people seem to be looking forward to keeping it close to the Greater Binghamton area this summer and that means more people want to fix up their digs.
  5. Concerts.  I was surprised at the number of people that said concerts and we all know there are a lot of awesome concerts this summer with Toyota Country Lights Festival July 22nd in Binghamton mentioned a lot and 3 day passes to the Taste of Country Music Festival June 10-12 at Hunter Mountain getting top nods. Just think, you win the cash in May and you would be all set for the summer concert season!

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