The Southern Tier DRINKS! We love our booze and it's Cinco De Mayo! TEQUILA TIME!  Did you know that the United States drinks twice as much tequila as Mexico does?

Here's 5 more super fun facts about Tequila!!

1. People in the United States consume twice as much tequila as Mexico, where it originated.

2. On a typical day, margaritas account for about 23% of all cocktail sales in bars and restaurants . . . but on Cinco de Mayo, more than 47% of cocktails sold are margaritas.

3. Tequila is made from a plant called agave, not cacti. In fact, agave plants are more closely related to LILIES than a cactus.

4. Despite what you've heard, worms AREN'T found in bottles of tequila. They're in mezcals, which is a liquor that's also made from the agave plant.

5. The famous Champs song "Tequila" had a sequel. It was called "Too Much Tequila", and it reached #30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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