There is still no winner in the 22nd Congressional District in New York and, in fact, another wrinkle has developed with the discovery of more uncounted ballots.

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A New York State Supreme Court December 7 heard closing remarks in the contest between Democrat incumbent Anthony Brindisi and Republican former Congresswoman Claudia Tenney but not before it was revealed that Chenango County found another 12 stray ballots in addition to 55 early voting ballots that were discovered last week.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Tenney looked ready to take her seat back from Brindisi on election night with a 28,000 vote lead which quickly began to disappear as early voting and absentee ballots were tallied in the eight-county district.

Then, it was found some ballots that were contested and some that had yet to be included in the canvass in Otsego County had notations affixed to them by post-notes instead of notation in ink on the ballots.  Many of those sticky notes fell off, leaving questions about what votes had actually been counted and coining the term “sticky-gate”.

Brindisi briefly gained a slight lead over Tenney but that flipped to a dozen votes putting Tenney back on top. Then, last week, Chenango County found 55 early voting ballots that had been set aside and overlooked.  A few of those were thrown out as ineligible and arguments were made as to whether any of those votes should be admitted into the tally.  Then, yesterday, it was revealed another dozen votes in Chenango County were found in a drawer in addition to the other 55 errant ballots.

Justice Scott DelConte indicated a ruling was imminent, but no official notice had been issued December 7.

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