There's something about this that sounds so amazing.  Like being a fancy drifter.

According to a new survey, 2% of people say that the last time they moved, they just DUMPED all of their stuff and started from scratch.

And frankly, that sounds better than the most popular option... roping your friends and family into helping.  36% of people say that's how they moved.

34% of people just did the whole move themselves, and 25% hired movers.

The survey also found half of people haven't moved in the past decade... but 22% have moved at least three times.  That includes 6% of people who've moved more than FIVE times in the past 10 years.

And one more thing:  The survey asked if you could move to any city other than the one you live in, where would you most want to go?  Denver won with 40% of the vote... Miami was second at 22%... and Los Angeles was third at 15%.



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