A new study shows that we're all self-conscious about wearing bathing suits. 7% haven't worn a swimsuit in public in 5 years. 20% haven't worn one in public in 10 years. 5% have NEVER worn one in public. Maybe it's because of the wrong diet. Here's how you know:

5) Bacon wrapped celery with cream cheese can't be right....delicious but not right.

4) 5-6 meals a day might be a bit much.

3) Dipping the broccoli in chocolate sauce. I prefer mine dunked in General Tso's chicken.

2) A DQ Blizzard Diet....Once again delicious but......

1) It should be 8 oz. of chicken, not 8 pieces.

According to the study, over a third of the people haven't worn a bathing suit in public since 2009. They left out the most important stat.....There's 20% that WE wish wouldn't wear one EVER in public.