Many people have tried... OK, some people have tried, to get onto the Obama Healthcare Website. Most can't get through and when they do, they're not sure if they are on the right site. Here are my hints that you may be at the wrong place:

5) Your doctor is Dr. Seuss or Dr. McGillicuddy. Although one will give you rhymes to pass the tymes and the other will make your problem of being on the website go away.

4) It has a smiling woman on the front page... but that's all she has. It's not a Obama site but it does have an 'O' for it's first word.

3) Your pay a extra 5 bucks a month for sneeze insurance.

2) It's not taking x-rays, but it has Polaroid pictures. It might be the same site as number four.

1) The advice it gives is... If it hurts when you do that, don't do that.

I know this whole thing is giving me one big pain. Good luck if you've tried to get on the website!