When I accepted my job here in Binghamton, I took a pretty big cut in pay, but I was okay with it because family is more important to me than anything else and I needed to get back to New York and closer to my dad who was in the fight for his life against cancer.

It never even crossed my mind to negotiate my salary. I needed this job. I needed to be closer to my dad. I'd been job hunting for months and was becoming so discouraged that I wouldn't be able to get closer to home and was thrilled when I learned about an opening here which would allow me to work with old friends and be close enough to my dad to be able to be there for him whenever he needed me.

Now that I think about it though, I've never negotiated my pay. I've always accepted whatever was offered to me and then worked exceptionally hard to prove myself worthy of a raise and have actually had excellent success.

I'm not alone in accepting a job without negotiating a salary. According to a new survey by GlassDoor.com, 70% of women said they accepted a job without negotiating.

There's a reason women aren't negotiating salary it's not only upsetting, but it's true. Science Direct says that most employers react negatively when a woman asks for more money. They go on to say that when a woman asks for more money in an initial salary offer, she's seen as demanding rather than confident. However, the same way of thinking isn't true for men.