My next door neighbor just emailed me asking me how in the world I got to work this morning because she measured and there's over 12 inches of snow in the driveway we share.

I got to work because there were only about 6 inches of snow when I left this morning, however, since I arrived at work in the early morning hours, Broome County Executive Debbie Preston has issued a State of Emergency, which means that until 1pm, nobody is supposed to drive on any Broome County roads unless they're an esential employee.

If you're planning to venture out after the State of Emergency has been lifted, there are some winter driving safety tips that you need to take into consideration before you leave home.

This morning on the Hawk Morning Show, we spoke with Dave Hamburg, Public Information Officer for the NYS Department of  Transportation in Binghamton and he offered up some very important pieces of advice for safe winter driving.