Isn't Johnny Manziel's 15 minutes of fame done yet? There had been a rumor that he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers...but it was just a rumor.

I know my brother-in-law Tom is happy because he was going to disown his team. OK, he doesn't own them but he acts like he does.

Johnny has a court appearance after being indicted on misdemeanor assault charges. Some wish that was the only appearance he makes again. Let's face it his career isn't sparkling, but his teeth are.

You’d think if you were released from an NFL team, you’d be out working with coaches and putting in extra training sessions to try to up your game and the chance at being picked up by a new team.

Not Johnny Football.

He was recently photographed with a diamond encrusted grill and not the kind on the front of a car, or one you cook on. His grill is for his teeth.

Supposedly Manziel purchased the grill from Johnny Dang, who’s pretty famous for creating fancy grills and there's speculation that Manziel’s grill set him back around $20,000.

I've heard putting your money where your mouth is but that's ridiculous. But if it keeps him quiet, I'm all for that.

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