Returning from vacation, I learn that President Obama is visiting Binghamton for a first time visit.  He's expected to visit Binghamton University Friday morning but as of this writing, it's not clear what his agenda may be.

No matter what your political affiliation may be, you must admit, it's pretty cool that the President will be visiting the Southern Tier.  So I got to thinking, if given the opportunity, what would I ask President Obama.

The first question I would ask the President is what was his most difficult day in office.  Was it making a call to a soldier's family or was it something to do with foreign policy?  I would ask the President what he misses most about being a "regular American."  Is it going to a basketball game and blending with the crowd?  Being able to take a bike ride with Michelle, Natasha and Milia, or taking a walk in the park with the first dogs, Bo and new doggy Sunny?

I would also ask the President if it was true that he reads a dozen letters from average Americans each night and if in fact it's true he personally responds to people that have fallen on tough times.  I hope this is true.

There are so many questions I would ask the President.  I would keep it light and positive.  I'm just happy he's making a stop to the Southern Tier.  I still remember when President Reagan made a visit to the Southern Tier in the 80's.  It was quite a day.  What would you ask President Obama if you could?