For real- what kind of person does this?!?  The guest of a guest at a wedding this last weekend was caught STEALING from the new bride and groom!

Ok, so here's what happened: over this last weekend, a couple got married in Pennsylvania. One of their invited guests brought a guest of his own.  And for some reason she thought it'd be completely acceptable to steal from the newlyweds. Yep- she went there.

The woman's name is Jennifer and she thought she was being all sneaky. pocketing a bunch of cards from the gift table.  But what she didn't know is that when she hustled off to the bathroom, a swarm of female guest were tracking her down because Jennifer had been caught.

When the female guests confronted Jennifer in the bathroom they found her trying to FLUSH the cards down the toilet while stuffing $475 in cash and $80 in checks in her bra. Nice.

The police were called and they arrested Jennifer.

The groom's brother says the whole thing "ruined the whole time for everybody."  I'd imagine it would!