Thanksgiving is Thursday and it's that time of year where we get together to give thanks, eat too much and fall asleep watching Dallas play. It's a Thanksgiving tradition, watch the Cowboys and I fall asleep pretty fast.

If Thanksgiving doesn't go well for you, it might not be your fault, it could be the State you live in! That's right, I said the State and I'm not talking about the state of confusion.

Estately, took the time to break down the criteria for your depressing turkey day. I'm so glad someone to took the time (or is that wasted the time) to figure this out, because I don't want too.

Here is some of the criteria that they used:

Dietary restrictions impacting meal quality: States with the highest percentage of vegetarians/vegans. If you're a vegetarian or vegan then Thanksgiving can be a downer. Don't get me started on Tofurkey.

Likelihood of favorite NFL team losing on Thanksgiving: Losing percentage for Thanksgiving Day games of residents favorite team.

If you live in Michigan, you are depressed almost every year. Okay, the Lions are playing better. If you live in Texas, you'll be depressed because apparently Dallas can't score if Ezekiel Elliott doesn't play.

Likelihood of guests/cooks abandoning the meal to shop a Black Friday sale: It's based on the percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in Black Friday sales. I say it's based on how bad to meal is. Tofurkey, I'm out of there, I don't care if I don't have anything to shop for.

So after careful analysis, they came up with these 5 states as the most depressed during the Thanksgiving holiday: Nebraska, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Iowa and number 1 was Ohio.

For once New York isn't in the top 5 when it comes to depressing topics (taxes, crime, common core).I'm in a depressed state (I'm not talking NY) because reading through this study.

I say forget the study and just have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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