It’s Tidbit Tuesday- where I share three little tidbits with you to make life a little easier.  Today I’ll tell you how to spend less on clothing, fend off allergies and ease depression. So grab a cup of coffee and learn how to make life a little simpler!

Spend less on clothes by shopping on Wednesday -Most weekend sales start on Wednesday or Thursday, says Natalie McNeal, founder of The For example, Macy’s Friends and family weekend sale always starts the Wednesday before. So even though a store may be advertising a weekend sale, check their website to discover the actual start date. You’ll not only find amazing deals, but you’ll also get the biggest selection.

Fend off allergies with green tea -Hate having to choose between being stuck indoors on sunny days due to seasonal allergies or dealing with allergy meds that make you drowsy? A recent study points to an all-natural alternative that douses allergies without groggy side effects: green tea. Japanese scientists found that green tea’s high concentration of the powerful antioxidant EGCG blocks the production of two allergy causing compounds – histamine and immunoglobulin E – that cause a runny nose, watery eyes and scratchy throat. Researchers haven’t yet figured out a one-size-fits-all dose, so sip one to four cups daily until you feel relief.

Ease depression by sniffing pink grapefruit -It’s not just eating citrus that can help your health – simply smelling it has its benefits, too. According to Japanese research, breathing in pink grapefruit’s aroma for five minutes activates the sympathetic nervous system, triggering the release of feel-good serotonin. So light up a pink grapefruit-scented candle to feel more cheerful. BONUS: The scent can even curb cravings within 60 seconds, studies show.