Everyone has the same fears when they get in line for the baggage check at the airport – Will they notice that my shampoo is more than 3.4 oz? Will my carry-on fit in the overhead compartment? What if they think my hairdryer is a weapon?!

Whether or not what your packing is actually a danger to your fellow passengers or a violation of airport safety, those irrational fears still find a way of sneaking in, and the last thing you want to deal with at the start of your vacation is yet another thing to stress about.

But today at 2pm, the Binghamton Airport is hosting an event showcasing different prohibited items people typically bring to checkpoints at the airport.

Five to seven guns are reportedly brought to airports around the country every day, not to mention the numerous hatchets, replica guns and grenades, and ammunition and knives that TSA agents encounter daily.

Officials at the Binghamton Airport say the presentation will hopefully give passengers a greater piece of mind while traveling and will inform guests of the possible dangers they face with air travel and how to prevent those dangers, whether knowingly or not in the future.

Remember! You can pack a lot of these prohibited carry-on items in your checked baggage, but not in your overhead bags, and as long as you follow the 3-1-1 rule (3.4 oz, 1 quart-sized plastic, zip-top bag, 1 bag per passenger), you’re golden!

Informing yourself is the best way to avoid unnecessary stress at the airport this summer, and when it comes to the distance between you and your vacation destination, the easier the journey, the better.