The Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars is coming to WBGH-TV, NBC 5 on Sunday March at 9pm.

Recently the All-Stars were meeting with the press to talk about the show.  Usually you get very generic, almost boring answers.  Thanks to Trace Adkins, we got blunt, honest answers to questions about the show and it's contestants.

He originally wasn't going to come back to Celebrity Apprentice because he didn't like his fellow contestants that much.  He said that the show put him in a position where he was forced to tolerate people that he normally wouldn't tolerate.  He said this in front of the entire group that are participating.  He added, This year wasn't that way and it was a great experience.  Later when Ommarosa was talking about the show she said that Trace was a game changer and he changes The Apprentice as we know it.

So why did Trace go back?  As you may know his house burned down last year and his family was helped by the Red Cross.  He said he was ashamed of himself that he didn't know that the Red Cross responded to house fires.  The fact that the Red Cross was there to take care of his family when he wasn't there, he felt like he owed them.

The All-Stars of Celebrity Apprentice play to raise money and awareness for a charity group.  This year it's 3 million dollars.  Trace said he wants to give something back to the American Red Cross.  So check out Trace Adkins and the rest of the All-Stars beginning March 3rd.

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