August 16th is not only the day Tim McGraw comes to Binghamton to play the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, but also the 36th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death and would you believe that Tim and Elvis have a family connection?

There’s an awesome show called Who Do You Think You Are and when Tim was on it he learned some interesting things about his family history.

So how is Tim connected to Elvis? Tim’s ancestors traveled America on the same boat with the family members of ‘The King!’

Tim also found a cool connection to his 1994 single, ‘Indian Outlaw.’ One of Tim’s ancestors, Isaac Chrisman, chose to live right on the boundary of Indian territory back in 1774. At the time, that was a very dangerous thing to do, and in fact, just a few years after buying that land, he and two of his sons were murdered by the very Indians he lived by. Yikes!

If you’re headed to the Tim McGraw concert tomorrow night and aren’t sure what time it’ll start, the best we can tell you is that we think (don’t quote us on this) that it’ll start sometime between 8pm and 9pm. The show start time all depends on the weather and how long it takes the golfers to finish their game.

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