It’s Tidbit Tuesday- where I share three little tidbits with you to make life a little easier.  Today I’ll tell you how to stop a sweat attack, get rid of soap scum and ace a test. So grab a cup of coffee and learn how to make life a little simpler!

Stop a sweat attack- If you’re about to do something nerve-racking and feel a sweat attack coming, pop an antihistamine – it’ll stop it before you get drenched

Get rid of soap scum-Want to get rid of soap scum forever? Switch from bar soap, which contains scum-forming talc, to a natural bar soap or even better, a liquid shower gel.

Ace a test- Here’s a great tip for enjoying A+ test success. The trick: Trust your hunches. If you’re not sure which answer is correct, go with your gut, urge scientists at Northwestern University. Using the latest brain-reading technology, they discovered that our hunches are not based on guesswork. Rather, they come from subconscious memories of the right answer trying to bubble to the surface. No wonder the scientists found that such decisions tend to be as accurate – often more accurate – as the answers made after wasting precious time pondering all the possibilities