Tonight is the night that Tim McGraw comes to Binghamton to perform at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open and in anticipation of his arrival, I've dug up some interesting facts about Tim McGraw that you might not know.  Like that he sleeps in the suit God gave him.  Want more?  Here you go:


  • Tim likes his ink and has five tattoos. He’s got a leprechaun with a cowboy hat on his thigh. For real.  That one came about after a night of drinking.  There’s the Christian fish, the word “Faith,” a cross with the initials of his daughters at each point and the letters DHD for Dancehall Doctors above his ankle.


  • Tim sleeps in his birthday suit. That image made you smile a little, didn’t it? Tim has said over and over in interviews that he gave pajamas a chance, but didn’t like them as much as the suit God gave him.


  • Tim wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He actually told the Washington Post back in 1991: "I see it like [Roberto Benigni] at the Oscars: 'I want to thank my parents for giving me the best gift of all: poverty.' It gives you something to strive for."


  • When it comes to his family, Tim is really strict about social media. Tim won’t give up the details on what his family social media rules are, but says they’ve got them and that his daughters aren’t allowed to have Twitter accounts. 


  • Tim’s passion for country music stems from long road trips with his step-dad Horace Smith.  Tim used to ride in his stepdad’s 18 wheeler helping deliver cottonseed through Louisiana and they listened to a whole lot of country music.


  • Tim was inspired by the Al Pacino move “…And Justice for All” to become a lawyer, but gave up that dream for booze.  That’s right- Tim told Esquire magazine in 2006 that he  wanted to be a lawyer but when he got to college he “joined a fraternity and started sucking down kegs.”
  • Tim has insecurities just like the rest of us and has said he doesn’t have a forehead- he’s got a five-head.  That’s right, Tim is self conscious about the size of his head so early on in his career he tried to cover it up and that’s how his hat wearing came about.