Drones are one of the hottest and most popular items out there. My daughter Tara got a drone for Christmas and the first time that we flew it outside, it landed in a neighbor's yard about four houses away. It's a funny story.....now.

Well the the Great New York State Fair has announced the state's first-ever competition for videos made by using cameras on drones. Entries for this professionally-judged competition can be uploaded here through July 31st.

There are eight different categories including one for films featuring New York State. Videos can't be longer than 5 minutes, except for the Corporate/Industrial category which can be as long as 10 minutes.

Half of each video must have been shot using a drone or other unmanned aerial vehicle. You can submit your videos in one of the these categories:

* New York State Drones: Videos created completely in New York State
* Narrative: A fiction or non-fiction story told using a drone
* Landscape & Architecture: Amazing, beautiful scenes shot using drones
* Showreel: A compilation of clips from various drone-shot videos
* Sports: Athletic activity and competition shot using drones
* Healthcare: Videos highlight how drones are being used to improve the delivery of         health services.
* Corporate/Industrial/Business: Videos that feature drones and the work they are    doing.
* Student: Videos created by an enrolled high school or college student, on any subject.    Students may submit to any other category.

Entry fees are $20 for videos submitted in most categories and the student fee is $5. Entries in the Corporate/Industrial/Business category are $50. Complete rules are available here.

The videos will be judged by professionals with expertise in film or technology. Two of the judges are from the Southern Tier, Tim Skinner and Jason Detrani.

Tim is the Department Coordinator/Assistant Professor for Communications and Media Arts at SUNY Broome Community College. Jason is the Professor and the Chairman of Communications and Media Arts at SUNY Broome Community College

The winning videos will be screened during the Fair at an evening ceremony in the Empire Theater of the Art & Home Center. The Best In Show award will be announced and the winner of that will win $250.

The Great New York Fair in Syracuse runs from August 23rd to September 4th.

[via Great New York State Fair]