I can't wait til golf season.  I can't figure it out, I watch the PGA tour on TV all the time and I'm not getting any better. I even went to an instructor, he said the best lessons for me is piano lessons.  I even plan on writing a book someday on my golf exploits and naming it "My Life in the Woods."  I enjoy golf but I don't think it enjoys me.  Speaking of something enjoyable and golf.They're  baaaack.... The "Golf Boys" and their musical video that is. Bubba Watson, Ben Crane, Hunter Mahan and Rickie Fowler have a new video out. If you didn't laugh when Fowler kisses that little birdie on his finger, then I feel sad for you.  They say my "Ride the Pony" golf dance looks funny.  Thanks to these 4 guys my dancing and singing look fairly normal.  Here's the newest video.

Of course, here is the first installment of the video if you missed it.