She’s only 23 years old, but Taylor Swift is already starting to worry about getting older.

Taylor told the Herald Sun that even though she's only 23 years old, she's already started to worry about what will happen to her when she gets old and gray and if she'll know when the right time to step out of the limelight will be. Taylor told the newspaper:

I think about the future a lot.  That's when I start to get very confused.  Essentially, you can't make big decisions like 'When am I gonna take a break?  When am I going to start to slow down?  When is my hair going to start to go gray?  Am I going to dye it or am I going to let it go gray?  How am I going to handle wrinkles?'  You can't make those decisions until you're in that position. I'd like to think that in all aspects of my life I'll know the right time to leave the party.  But you can't know when to leave the party until you're in the room.

I was about Taylor’s age when my gray really started to show through. I too worried about things like that when I was her age, but as I’ve gotten older, my worries have changed to much different and bigger things. Finances, caring for my parents and so forth. I’m betting Taylor’s worries will change as she gets older too.