I can hear another Taylor Swift heartbreak song come out of the reported new relationship between Taylor and Harry Styles of 'One Direction.'  But some fans of Harry may be taking it a bit too seriously.

According to 'X Factor' host Mario Lopez, the two are "hanging out" and walked away hand in hand.  Rumors surfaced last week that the two were flirting for some time, but there's a chance this could all be a publicity stunt.

If rumors prove to be true, Harry joins the growing list of celebrity boyfriends that the 22 year old "Begin Again" singer has dated, including Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas and most recently, Conner Kennedy.

According to Apposingviews.com, jealous teen fans of Harry have taken to Twitter with "countless death threats toward Taylor."

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift's newest release "Red," sold 1,208,000 in it's first week of release and remains as the #1 selling album on the Billboard Top 200, Country charts and the #1 Digital Download.