My partner Traci is always busting on me by saying that I need to start saving now to pay for my daughter Tara’s future therapy because I’m always embarrassing her. Me, embarrass my daughter....NO WAY.

It looks like I’m not the only one who does crazy things and that makes me feel a little better. I just read a new  survey  that ranked the most obnoxious things parents do. Coming in at number one was using a cutesy baby voice, followed by excessive kid-related posts on Facebook.

Other parent behaviors people don't like include putting their babies on the phone(although if it's a telemarketer, I totally understand), not disciplining their kids when they’re being bad, blaming their kids for their lack of a social life, criticizing other parents’ kids, matching their outfits with their kids’ and constantly talking about how perfect their kids are.

If you ask Tara, the things I do to embarrass her is: My disappearing foot trick (Daddy, your not magic), my dancing and always wearing costumes (Tigger and my cheerleading outfit).  OK Parents, What do you do that drive your kids crazy but we think is funny or cute.  Leave a comment below