It’s been a while since my husband and I have gotten sick (knock on wood), but when we do, we usually get hit at the same time and we go down hard. Off the top of my head, I can think of four people in my office alone who are feeling really miserable right now and you know what that means, right? It means sick season is about to find its way into our lives, so it’s best to start thinking about how to get well as quickly as possible. Because nobody has time for that.

There’s something really simple that you can do at home to help yourself (or your partner) feel better faster and that's to stop sleeping in the same bed as them.

This doesn’t mean to stop sleeping in the same bed all the time, but when you’re not feeling well, one of you should try to set up camp someplace else until the other is feeling better. A new study found that people who sleep in different beds than their spouse tend to sleep better and if you’re getting a good sleep, you’re going to get better faster.

My husband gets home around midnight and I go to bed around 9pm (on night my toddler decides to actually go to bed), and I can tell you that the nights that I get a solid three hours of sleep before Jay crawls into bed are my best nights. It’s not that I don’t like having him in bed with me, but when I’m sick I find that I’m especially annoyed with little things like him getting comfortable on his pillow, or rolling over. Sometimes even his breathing bothers me when I’m sick and I find that I can’t sleep.

The Daily Mail did a survey on the subject and 29% of people say they're not able to get a good sleep because their partner does things that irritate them like hogging the blankets and snoring.

This isn’t good if you’re trying to sleep to get over illness.

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