If you've been saving up for a new mattress, this is the month to buy one. Washer on the kaput? Now's a great time to get a new one!

Here are seven big ticket items that you can save money on if you buy them in September.

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    Right now is when mattress stores start trying to get rid of old inventory. And by old, we don't mean mattresses from the 1980's. We're talking about mattresses from last season. The deals start Labor Day weekend, and they'll continue at least through the rest of September.

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    Flights for Thanksgiving

    Planning to go home for Thanksgiving? According to Lifehacker.com, you'll get the best deal if you buy your tickets eight weeks ahead of time. Since Thanksgiving is only 12 weeks away, you should probably start looking for tickets by the end of this month if you want to save some cash.

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    According to Cheapism, September is the best month to buy a new car...as long as you're not looking for a brand new model. Dealers need to unload their 2016 models so they have room to bring in new ones.

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    September is when the new bicycle models come out. As with cars, prices on older bikes get slashed.

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    Major Appliances

    Is your dishwasher about to croak? Looking to upgrade to energy efficient appliances? The new models are about to come out, so stores need to get rid of the old ones and that means savings for you.

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    Plants For Your Backyard

    According to "Real Simple" magazine, a lot of flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs go on sale this month so that garden centrs can make room for holiday plants.

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    Lawn Mowers

    Last month wasn't a bad time to buy a lawn mower, but the deals will get better as the weather gets cooler. Start looking right now though, because there won't be much of a selection by the end of the month.