I can't even tell you how sick I am of all of this political correctness business. My childhood was better because people said what they thought, worshiped as they wished, disciplined as they deemed necessary and it wasn't an issue because we respected the decisions and beliefs of one another.

One of my best friends is an atheist. I'm a Christian. We don't have issue with each other. As a matter of fact, we respect each other. We hear each other out, but we respect each other. And we love each other. Love is understanding that there are and always will be differences, but having enough peace and grace to accept and see beyond those differences. My friend has never not wanted to be my friend because I pray or say "Merry Christmas" and I've never wanted to be her friend because she doesn't believe in God or in the church. I respect her for who she is as a human being and she me.

Somewhere along the way, things got completely out of control. Somewhere, someone realized they could cause a scene and sue for anything and it got people in a tizzy and everyone became scared and so they started banning this and banning that and making a big deal out of little things instead of simply living their lives and in turn, this is what's happened:

In Texas, an elementary school has taken political correctness to a whole new level by banning the colors red and green at its “winter party.”

Kids who attend Nichols Elementary in Frisco, Texas also weren't allowed to mention  mention Christmas or any other religious holiday.

The school's principal said in an email that she and the PTA decided on these party rules including banning two colors of the rainbow to avoid "offending anyone."

Hopefully, there aren’t any kids in the class who might be offended by the color blue. Or yellow. Or purple.