For many, "retro candy" brings back childhood memories and a time when life was more simple and fun. With Halloween days away, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane to see how many remember some of the wildly popular candy of the past, which is still available today.  

Abba Zaba
A chewy white taffy bar filled with a creamy peanut butter center, Abba Zaba bars have been around since 1922!

Atomic FireBalls
Created in 1954, it's still a hot favorite.

BB Bats                                                                                                                              Banana, strawberry and chocolate taffy on a stick and first made in Johnson City, New York at Fair Play Carmel Factory.  See my blog on Candy made in the Southern Tier to learn more about the origins of this popular "local" retro candy.

First appeared in 1924, I think everyone has tried this old time favorite.

Boston Baked Beans
Introduced in the 1930s, Boston Baked Beans are peanuts coated with a mollasses-flavored candy coating. This was a favorite of mine when I was young.

Candy Buttons
Dots! Paper strips with pastel candy dots.  Not my favorite as I don't like eating paper.

Candy Cigarettes
Dating back to the 1950's, this is the most controversial candy on the list.  Many thought this was promoting kids to smoke.  Not the best flavor either.

One of the original "sour" candies from the 1950's. Lemonheads can be found in many dollar stores.

Mary Janes
Think peanut butter and molasses taffy.  Totally yummy.

Wax Soda Bottles
A popular candy from the 1950s, sugar filled "juice" in a thumb sized bottle.

BigBuddy                                                                                                                               Picture a ruler-sized stick of thick cherry or grape flavored gum.  Dentists loved this one as he would fill many cavities when this was popular in the 1970's. 

Originally called Opal Fruits when they were introduced in 1960.  Starburst is probably the most widely know candy on this list and is sold everywhere.

Sugar Daddy
When this was introduced in the 1950's, it was a 17-inch, one pound caramel taffy sucker.  As with everything else, the size shrunk and the price went up. Available in a junior size as well
Sweet and sour candy from 1963.  Widely available.
Wax Lips
Invented by the American Candy Company in the early 20th century, I still love these giant waxed red lips.
If you're searching for these retro favorites, I found most of these candies at Candy Land, inside Windy Hill Candle Factory in Port Crane, New York or through their web site:  Also, M&D 'R' Nuts on Court Street in Downtown Binghamton has many of the old fashioned jellies and chocolate covered treats.