Well the weekend is here and you keep striking out in the dating game. Maybe I can help....maybe. I saw a book recently that talked about how to be a success by reading body language. It talked about how to read the signals and how to send out your own. Here's my tips.

5) If a woman looks at you, waves and gives you a big smile, it probably means that she'd like you come over and chat.....If she waves frantically at the bouncer and then points at you, maybe it's time to leave.

4) If your date smiles and sits in a relaxed position while talking, it's a good sign she's enjoying your company....If she clutches her stomach and makes retching noises, then you're probably going home alone.

3) If the palms are up while talking to you, it means she's open, friendly and warm.....Palms on your chest in a shoving motion, it means the same result as 4.

2) This is for the Ladies: If you see a man across the room that you are interested in, you can let him know with a smile and a wave....If he still looks confused, simply yell: "Hey, come over here." He'll appreciate your directness.

1) Finally Men: At the end of the night if she gives you her number, she definitely wants to see you again.....unless the number is 1-800-GET-LOST.  If you ask her if this is the right number, she WILL NOT appreciate your directness.

Remember as always, this is worth what you paid for it...and good luck this weekend.