Traci's Week 4 Picks

It's week 4 of the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. You have until 8:25 tonight if you want it to count for all of the games. St Louis is at San Francisco tonight. How do you get in?Go here and make your picks. If you're this week's winner, you'll get 10,000 loyalty points to use here.  You can also try and defeat Traci or me. Here are my picks and you can see Traci's picks in the picture.

In our contest, I am up by 6 wins.  We haven't made a "friendly" wager on what the over all winner between us will get.  Your suggestions are welcome. Traci has finally adopted the Glenn Pitcher theory.

That's were you pick against your favorite team in the Challenge.  That way if your team wins then you are happy.  If your team loses then you win in the Pick'em. I'm not following my theory this week because I think I'm jinxing my team.

If for some reason, you forget to make your picks after 8:25, you can still enter. You just can't pick tonight's game. Make your picks and good luck. Oh yeah, Hail to the Redskins.