It's week 4 of the Pro Football Pick'em challenge. I won week 3 over Traci and currently am 6 wins ahead of her.  Have you made your picks for this week yet?  You could get yourself 10,000 loyalty points and try to defeat me. Here's how.I've realized that I'm jinxing the Washington Redskins (my favorite team.) I've been picking against them for the last 3 weeks. I call it the Glenn Pitcher theory. You pick against your favorite team, that way you never lose. If your favorite wins, you're happy. If they lose then your Pick'em wins.  I also now realize that means that I can never truly win either.  THIS MADNESS HAS TOO STOP. Ok, that's a little dramatic.

Congrats by the way to Misty.  She's our current overall leader with 35 wins.  How our you doing and can you catch her? If you haven't been playing every week, that's ok because we have weekly winners too.  You have until 8:25 on Thursday to make your picks, if you want the San Francisco/St Louis game to count. Here are my picks, go here to make yours.

Good luck and Hail to the Redskins (their theme song.)  If Oakland wins, I'll sing their theme song.....I think it's "Jailhouse Rock."