If this story doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies, then you're probably not human.  The next time you think something is too hard to do, think of this little man and something tells me you'll pull together the strength to get done what you need to do.

12-year-old Adam Bojelian of Scotland has cerebral palsy and he's almost completely paralyzed.   The only way he can communicate is by moving his eyes.  But Adam wrote a Christmas song by BLINKING! Adam didn't have any special software, just help from his Mom, Zoe.  She held up a list of Christmas-themed words and Adam picked which ones to include by blinking.  This was originally supposed to be a Christmas poem.  It's about an army of gibbon monkeys helping Santa Claus deliver presents.

This is where the really cool part comes in, actor Ewan McGregor found out about Adam's poem and helped turn it into a song, which is now available on iTunes.

Take a listen and be amazed: