It was on this date March 6, 1912 that 2 decoratively embossed chocolate-flavored wafers met up with a rich creme filling. Yes, Happy Birthday to the Oreo cookie as it turns 102 years old today. Here are some things that you may not know about the Oreo cookie.

5) It was born the same year that the South Pole was discovered and the Titanic sank. My Grandmother, Margaret Brainard Pitcher,  was 1.

4) Twist, Lick and Dunk Ritual: Half of all Oreo eater pull apart their cookies before eating. Women twist them open more often than men. I like to dunk them whole and then stir the milk and drink when I'm done.

3) Oreo cookies never go bad....Well they could, it's just that they never last long enough to GO bad.

2) You know what you call someone who dips an Oreo into skim milk? A hypocrite.

1) 1st was the Oreo, then double-stuff Oreos. I wonder if they can make all-stuff-no-cookie Oreos......Oh wait they do, it's called "cake frosting."

I love Oreos so much that I mentioned it as part of "Sleep Awareness Week." That's this week too. So dunk, twist and celebrate the birth of the Oreo with a frosty mug of milk today.