November, or as we like to call it,  "No-Shave November" is hiding right around the corner and this year, The Hawk Morning Show has made it our mission to hide away our razors for an entire month. That's right- Glenn will forgo shaving his facial hair and I will forgo shaving my leg hair.

According to the official No-Shave Facebook page and website  “No-Shave November is a unique way to raise cancer awareness. The goal is to grow awareness by embracing our hair – which many cancer patients lose – and letting it grow wild. 

Each Friday during the month of No-Shave November, Glenn and I will post pictures of our unshaven selves and will post information on various forms of cancer and the struggles those with each form of cancer face.

I know cancer well as it struck my Dad. My Dad was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer and nobody knew anything about it, so they couldn't comprehend what he and my family were going through. Our mission in No-Shave November is to bring to light some of the forms of cancer that don't get a lot of spotlight so that you can understand them better.

We encourage you to join us for No- Shave November. Take one last long shower tonight before bed. Lather up and shave away your hair because it'll be the last time you'll do that for the next 30 days and if you are participating in No-Shave November with the Hawk Morning Show, please use #noshavehawk on anything you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so we can follow your progress!