How much do I love bacon? Um, let’s see-I dressed as a piece of bacon for the Hawk Halloween Parade. I think that says something, don’t you?

There’s pretty much no better smell in the world than that of bacon cooking and now you can get a whiff of the goodness every time you get a notification on your cell.

"Scentee" is a new app for iPhone and Android devices that releases a puff of bacon smell whenever you get a text, e-mail or reminder on your phone. If you’re like, “wait a minute, how is this possible?” The technology has a plug-in that attaches to your cell phone’s headphone input, which includes a scent capsule and LED light.

And if bacon isn't your preferred scent (what is wrong with you?!?), you can choose coffee or strawberry . The scent capsules are good for around 100 uses and cost $5.

Something like this wouldn’t be cost efficient for me because I get more than 100 notifications a day, but if your phone isn’t constantly going off, this could be fun for you.

Oh, and you know what I think? With the launch of this scent app, it probably won't be long before scent vision technology is available for your TV. Can you imagine watching TV and getting the smell of whatever food is being shown on your screen? Crazy, right?