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Top 10 Most Shazamed Songs of All Time
The music-identifying app Shazam released a list of 'The 10 Most Shazamed Songs of All Time.'  So, these are the songs that are playing at the mall when you see people holding up their phones trying to figure out what they are.
Here's the list, along with the number of times they&…
Hackers Can Steal Your Fingerprints from Selfies Now
You should probably stop making the peace sign or having your hand facing the camera in any way in your selfies. Apparently it's now possible to have your fingerprints cloned from a picture.
According to the National Institute of Informatics in Japan, hackers actually have the ability to st…
Wake Up to the Smell of Bacon With New Alarm Clock
I set my slow cooker before I went to bed last night to cook lunch for today. The good news is that my slow cooker has a timer and automatically shuts off. The bad news is that I woke up to the smell of pork chops and was so confused as to why my house smelled like food.

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