My Mom is super woman. She's  Mom to seven kids and a full time caretaker to my Dad who's been battling cancer.  She's the one who holds everything together.  She's wise and understanding, but not afraid to crack the whip if one of us gets out of line- no matter how old we are.

This last week, my Mom joined me on the Hawk Morning Show as we discussed home remedies.  She was so excited to be part of the show that after we got off the phone she sent me another email with more of her home remedies she swears by and wanted me to be sure to share them with you.  Isn't she cute?

Dear Traci,  After we got off the phone this morning I thought of so many other home remedies that I’ve tried over the years and that have worked. Will you please share these with your listeners so that they may benefit as I have?

If you spill nail polish on the floor throw sugar on it. The sugar will make it clump up and remove easily.

If you spill coffee or tea on the carpet throw cornstarch on it right away. The cornstarch will absorb the liquid and vacuum without trouble.

If you have spills of oil or grease use kitty litter to absorb it. If the oil or grease is on the stove do not use kitty litter! On an electric burner all you have to do is turn the heat on high until the grease and oil burn off and evaporate.

To absorb under arm moisture put a mini pad on your top or shirt so that it will come in contact with the sweat and absorb it. At the end of the day throw the pad away.

Mini maxi pads can also be used in shoes that are too big or shoes that ride on your heel wrongly.

A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and kayopectate will take the pain away from mouth sores.

Honey by the spoonful is the best medicine for a bad cough.

Clay really is a great toner for the face. There is something good about mud baths. I suggest letting kids dig a pit and play in it. After they are sprayed off they will glow inside and out.

If you are sad count your blessings one by one. Don't be afraid to twist things in your favor. Get a new perspective by doing this. Thank God for each blessing slowly and completely.

Make people happy = sing and dance with a smile on your face and play polka.

For a big table use a shower curtain or sheet as a tablecloth.

If you have a small table and are having company buy a piece of plywood and throw it on top of the table. Just remember to weight the middle with a heavy centerpiece.

When the hinges on doors come loose and the screws won't stay in, put a wooden golf tee in the hole and cut it off flush with the frame. Rescrew.

If you kids have a rock collection keep it outside. You won't have to dust it or around it. Same for shells etc.
Use a tie rack for hanging jewelry.

Peel a banana from the bottom up. There will be no strings attached.

Use a bungee cord for a second curtain rod behind the first. It will hold sheers nicely and will hook onto the front rod.

Let an elderly or sick person use your shoulders in place of a walker. You will get a feel for where they are in life and they probably need the physical contact. You really will be going somewhere together.

A poultice of washed and pureed cabbage leaves will draw toxins out of a would. Place the pureed cabbage on the wound and cover. Remove in 24 hours. This also works with peach leaves.

In Germany the hospitals have started using raw honey to heal wounds with great success.

You can make your own car head gasket out of a sheet of cork. Just follow the template of the old one and cut with an exacto knife.

A spoon heated under hot tap water and placed on a mosquito bite will stop it from itching.

A teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of salt boiled in a quart of water makes a great saline solution you can use in your nose to reduce mucus.

If batteries don't quite fit in whatever you are using (I've noticed different lengths of batteries lately) use aluminum foil to fill the gap. It will work.

If you are out of candles light an orange. No wick needed. Cut the orange in half and light the middle.

Put a wick in a can of shortening and light for hours of glow.

Have fun in the tub at night by throwing glow sticks in the water.

Traci, I have more ideas but thought these would be helpful to you and to your listeners.  Love, Mom