Year after year we're beat over the head by studies that tell us March college hoops lead to a drastic drop in workplace productivity because we're all glued to our computers or TVs watching the games instead of working. Glenn and I have voiced our disagreement and wouldn't you know, it looks like we were onto something!

More than a quarter of senior managers polled by OfficeTeam, a staffing service, say March college basketball actually causes a boost in employee morale and that increases productivity. Boom! How about that? Glenn and I were right!

Obviously this study goes against so many others that suggest that companies lose more than a billion dollars during the NCAA Tournament. Glenn and I still stand behind our belief that March college basketball and bracket challenges bring co-workers together. It builds camaraderie- it gives us something to chat about and get excited over. And when we get excited about something it strengthens our bond, which in turn leads to more productivity in the workplace because we're more likely to help each other complete work tasks.