If you're tired of being engaged and  just want to walk down the isle already, just remind yourself of this: it could be worse. Chances are very good that you've not been engaged for 43 years.

Keith Travis and Brenda Moran finally walked down the isle after being engaged for 43 years. Yep, 43 years.

Keith and Brenda met in 1970 when Keith, who was a handyman, went to Brenda’s house to repair a leaking pipe. When the two saw each other sparks flew and it wasn't long until they were engaged.  But they never set a date.

Keith says he reminded Brenda several times a year that they probably should get married, but they didn't move forward with plans until 2012, when Brenda re-proposed to him in front of their friends at a local 1940s themed dance club they frequent.

Dressed in 40’s era attire the long overdue wedding took place just before Christmas. Keith said, “The day certainly didn't disappoint; it was fantastic. It's something I have looked forward to for 40-odd years.”