My friends were teasing me that I found Masty Huba this weekend. No, I didn't really find Masty Huba, but you have to admit this man sure looks like him!

This adorable 78 year old West Side man and I made quick friends on Parade Day and he even sang Danny Boy for me.  Check it out:

If you don't know the story of Masty Huba, here's a little background according to a Facebook page created in his honor:

The Legend of Masty Huba has been in the telling for many years. A fixture on the streets and in the barrooms of this small upstate city, he was kept alive - with plenty to drink - in exchange for his outrageous stories, songs, and his cheerful company. He rode the rails, wintered in Florida, but always came back Binghamton and Endicott.

After his death, the community that supported him for all those years took to commemorating him in other ways. Countless photographs and paintings of his iconic image found their way all over the country: into bars, barbershops, and even wallets. And his stories and tales became larger than life, the building blocks of barroom legend.

Today, most of the factories and bars have closed and the stories of Masty remain as equal parts folklore and fact. These captured oral histories and beer-stained artifacts are what remain of one of the most famous men to ever walk the streets of the triple cities.