Audiences in the Binghamton area are ready for the return of the greatest superhero ever, Superman.  After all, the man of steel has been around for over 75 years in comic books, on television and the big sceen.

Yet, there are those who question whether the "Man Of Steal" will make a big comeback or not.  The last Superman film, 'Superman Returns,' was released in 2006, earning $200 million domestically, making it the sixth-highest-grossing film of that year, but with Hollywood standards, not enough to demand a sequel.

Some blame it on Superman not being cool or complicated enough, not funny and crazy enough like Iron Man or dark like Batman.  In the new film, 'Man of Steel,' it retells the Superman myth from the beginning.  Kind of like the excellent 'Smallville' or the 1990's ABC series, 'Lois & Clark,' but only better.

Good action, good effects but all Superman.  I hope it does well.